About Us

Select Pets Bicton caters for all your pet requirements. You’ll find kittens, puppies, fish, birds and small pocket pets, plus everything you need to care for your pets, including a large selection of quality pet food, products and accessories – and, we’re open 7 days a week!

Our friendly staff are all experienced in the pet industry and are always on hand to offer professional expert advice – whether you’re looking to add a new a family member, or have a question about your pet’s health.

Select Pets Bicton is also one of the cleanest pet stores in Perth. We take great pride in our facilities and do all we can to ensure our pets are well looked after.

Cat Adoption Program

Select Pets Bicton is proud to be an authorised adoption centre for the Cat Haven. Following a stringent investigation and audit of our ethics and shop premises, we were selected as one of only two pet shops in Western Australia to carry kittens from the Cat Haven.

Our Puppy Policy

At Select Pets Bicton we say NO to puppy farms.

All of our puppies are sourced from local breeders only, and before we purchase any puppy, our owner views the mother and the living conditions to ensure the puppy has not been subjected to poor conditions or unnecessary stresses.

We also carry photos of the mothers so you can see what your pup might look like fully grown, and we make sure claimed breeds are accurate.

If you are considering buying a puppy from a shop, we please remember to ask – has the puppy been locally bred and sourced?

Owner & Manager Michelle purchased Select Pets in 2009 and believes she has the best ‘job’ in town. She shares her house with Willow & Oscar (the dogs), Taylor & Ollie (the cats), Clarence & Bugsy (the bunnies).







photo (30)Allison joined us in 2013 as our Second-In-Charge. What Allison doesn’t know about cats isn’t worth knowing! Allison has a background in the animal welfare industry and continues to foster for the Cat Haven.  In fact you’ll often see her kittens in store. She shares her house with some gorgeous cats, but most notable is ‘Beau-Bear’, who is the largest and cuddliest cat we’ve ever met.








cocoRachel has a love for all creatures great and small. She has owned dogs, cats, mice and guinea pigs just to name a few! Here she is pictured with the family Tenterfield Terrier,  ‘Coco’.  She also shares custody of dog ‘Annie’ with her sister Ruby.








Owner David has been involved in the pet industry since 2009.  He is usually the one to travel to meet our breeders and pick up our pups, so has covered thousands of kilometers to ensure that all of our locally bred pups come from great breeders. David shares his home with Taylor & Oliver (the cats) and Clarence & Bugsy (the bunnies).







Shae is our youngest member of staff. She has been a friend of Select Pets since she was 8 years old when her family adopted the choc Labrador, Fudge, from us.









Michaela is one of our two groomers and also a retail staff member. We believe she does the best Schnauzer cut in town! She shares her home with the gorgeous little Maltese x Floki.







Rhonda is one of our talented groomers at Select Pets.













The real star of the show, LULU – the Red Tailed Black Cocky, is the “Director of First Impressions”. Since joining the team in April 2012 she has gathered a group of loyal followers. She enjoys stealing precious jewels and her morning apple that she shares with Allison.







We invite you to browse our website. If you’d like more information about Select Pets Bicton, contact us on (08) 9339 3372.