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Puppies and dogs bring joy, fun, love and laughter into a house – turning it into a home instantly. At Select Pets, we wholeheartedly understand this and pride ourselves in matching the right pup to the right owner every day. Select Pets is your one-stop, all-you-need pet shop in Western Australia, where you will find a variety puppies for sale in Perth. We also stock other must have items like grooming accessories, toys and food too.

We only sell puppies from local, reputable breeders that have been vetted and match our high standard of care. We are against puppy farms or puppy mills of any kind, and will never get puppies from these inhumane places. Our aim is to create a family of breeders and customers who believe in treating their dogs and puppies with love and kindness – as part of the family – just like we do at Select Pets. To find out more about the Select Pets family, click here.

At Select Pets, we sell happy, healthy, well-bred puppies of all shapes and sizes – we’re a different breed of pet shop.