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All of our puppies are sourced from local breeders only, and before we purchase any puppy, the Owner or Manager of Select Pets views the mother (and if possible the father) and the living conditions to ensure the puppy has not been subjected to poor conditions or unnecessary stresses and that the mother is well looked after.

We also carry photos of the mothers so you can see what your pup might look like fully grown, and we make sure claimed breeds are accurate.

We do not support the large breeding facilities, nor do we fly our puppies in from the eastern states. Not only are these facilities inhumane, but the pups that come from them often have serious medical conditions and poor social skills. By not supporting these institutions, you can make a big difference to how ‘man’s best friend’ is treated.

For more information on our puppies please click here.

One problem is that there is no agreement on what constitutes a “puppy farm”. The best working definition comes from a policy statement by RSPCA Victoria, which characterised them as being in the business of “large-scale commercial production of puppies for sale”.

At Select Pets we only have puppies that come from small, caring breeders where the parents of the pups are loved and cared for just as we treat our own pets.

We are proud to be an external adoption centre for the Shenton Park Cat Haven. Our kittens and cats are sterilised, micro-chipped, wormed, de-flead, vet-checked, and vaccinated.
Sometimes we have kittens in as young as 8 weeks old and sometimes we have older cats.

We encourage people to consider a more mature cat because:

  • Where a kitten’s individual personality is still being formed, a more mature cat is definite in its preferences and behavior. We get to know and love our more mature residents so we can provide you with insight as to how they may respond to your individual circumstances and requirements
  • We can help you to identify a cat of similar age or energy level as your existing pet, and who shares character traits that are complementary with your pet so that they are more likely to bond. For example, a quiet or timid cat may be better off with a quiet or timid play mate of a similar energy level than a lively kitten who wants to explore everything and play all day

For more information on our kitten please click here

It is important to us that the right pet is matched with the right family. The pet’s welfare comes first at Select Pets, which means sometimes we may have to say no to an adoption, for a variety of reasons.

In the case of puppy and kitten adoptions we ask the customer to allow at least an hour to go through paperwork, which includes detailed information on how to properly care for their new family member.

If you are looking for a puppy please check out our puppies page which we update daily. If we do not have the breed you are after in store at the moment you can subscribe to our puppy newsletter and you will be notified when new litters arrive.

Additionally if you are looking for the purr-fect kitten or cat check our cat section which we update regularly.

Help is at hand! We offer a hydrobath service which operates via appointment mid-week or walk-ins welcome on Saturday or Sunday before 4pm. When you come in we will ask you to stay in store while we are making your best mate smell beautiful. Most hydrobaths take approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

We only stock premium pet food at Select Pets, no supermarket brands here! Nutrition is vital to your pet’s health and it improves their quality of life. Our trusted brands are Advance, Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet, Ivory Coat,  Ziwi Peak, Big Dog Barf, and Prime 100.

The right food will depend on your pet’s size, breed, age, activity level and any medical requirements. And sometimes it just comes down to finding the right high-quality food that your pet loves the taste of. So pop in today for a chat so we can work out the right fit.

Yes we can. If you know what you are after, just give us a call or pop into the store and we can try and source your request. At present this is limited to freshwater fish.

Many pet owners think that behavioural issues are just part of their pet’s personality and so they are stuck with it. The good news is that with a healthy diet, exercise, play time and consistency you can have a well behaved pet.

Mental stimulation is important to any animal and we often find boredom to be the root of many behavioural issues. We have a variety of interactive toys in store that are suitable for a strong-willed staffie down to a curious cat.