How we are different to other pet shops

(1) All our puppies are locally sourced. We do not condone the production or operation of puppy farms in the east, and here in WA. Owner Michelle Juan-Salmeri, makes an effort to view the living conditions of the litters we get in as well as viewing the mother, and usually the father (we then provide pictures to our customers of the mother and father so they have a rough idea of the size of the dog they will be getting).


(2) We are one of a few pet shops in WA that help the Cat Haven in re homing their kittens. The Cat Haven is the only place we get out cats and kittens (we do not just help them re-home young kittens but more mature cats as well) and we make little to no profit off the sale of our cats. All of our kittens and cats are wormed, deflead, vaccinated, fully vet checked and sterilised (if not old enough we provide a voucher so as the new owners do not need to pay any additional costs to the purchase price of the cat to get them sterilised – a type of incentive for them to sterilise their cat!). If the cats are over 800g (which most of them usually are) they are also microchipped.


(3) We have a puppy play pen so that the puppy’s are not kept in their enclosures all day. We usually have small litters of puppy’s, and only about 1-2 different litters at a time, so as even when in their enclosures the puppies have plenty of room to run and play with their litter mates and toys. This also allows the puppies to gain more human interaction than just that from our staff as, after properly sanitising their hands to stop the spread of disease, our customers are able to pat the puppies (but not pick them up!) The puppy play pen allows a large space in which the puppies can play, sleep, eat and drink.


(4) When we sell a puppy to someone who we have viewed to be a suitable owner (we have said no many times to people who we thought would be inadequate owners) we go through a comprehensive puppy file with them so they know exactly how to care for their puppy. This file includes:

- dietary needs (we feed our puppies Royal Canin and make sure that the new owners go home with a bag of the same food so as not to upset the puppies stomach. We also list foods that should not be given to young dogs and why this is the case)

- hypoglycaemia (for our toys breeds it is imperative that the new owners understand the seriousness of this condition. They have to read a page describing the seriousness of the condition as well as our explanation and then sign that they have understood how to handle their toy dogs eating behaviours and what to look out for)

- parasites and vaccinations (with our new owners we go through the importance of vaccinations and when all their puppies injections are due. We explain to them what could happen should they take their dog out before a week after its third vaccination in terms of parvo virus, which this year has been huge in Australia. We also have the vaccination certificate for the puppies first, and sometimes second, vaccination with the date of their second and third vaccinations written down so there is no confusion when it is to be done. We have a dated table that tells the new owners when heartworm, flea and intestinal worm medication is to be given, with a box that they can tick once it is done. We also explain the different parasites and why it is important for their flea and worming medication to be kept up to date.)

- exercise (We explain while puppies love to play it is important that they don’t participate in too strenuous activities as it can impact their joints and growth)

- washing (Making sure the owners don’t wash the puppy every time they get a speck of dirt on them)

- sleeping arrangements (We go through some suggestions of how to combat the puppy feeling alone in its first few nights at its new home. We also explain to the owners how to deal with the puppy should it cry and when they go out how they might combat the puppy stressing. )

- puppy school and training (We discuss the importance of puppy classes for socialisation purposes for the puppy and how this is a great way for the puppy to play with other dogs before it has had all of its injections)

- we provide the owners with phone numbers (vet, my boss, etc.) should their be an emergency

- 7 day health guarantee (for the owners peace of mind we ask that they get the puppy health checked by a vet within 2 business days of purchasing the pup from us. Though when we get the the puppies in they are fully vet checked, flead, wormed, etc. this is so that the owners know that they are definitely purchasing a healthy dog from us. Should any medical condition arise during the health guarantee period that needs medicines or veterinary treatment that was a predisposed condition of the dog when brought from the shop we cover the costs associated with the condition.

- some new owners have never had a dog before so we help them to get all the necessary things to make their puppies life as good as it can be and provide a recommended shopping list for our more experienced new owners.

- sterilisation (we strong support the sterilisation of our cats and dogs and detail the benefits of this procedure as well as the benefits of microchipping your animals)


(5) Should we deem someone wanting to buy any sort of animal in our shop unfit to fully look after the animal we have no problems with saying no they cannot purchase the animal. Our animals welfare is of the upmost importance to us.


(6) We are affiliated with Palmyra Veterinary Hospital and as many people that purchase puppies from us are local they receive a 10% discount on their vet bills there as an incentive to make sure their dogs are happy and healthy.


(7) We promote rescue organisations such as, Kanyana wildlife rescue, Native Arc, Cat Haven and others as well as participating in fundraising events such as the RSPCA Cup cake days.


(8) One year we had a set period over Christmas where people could put deposits on the puppies but could not take them until about january 2nd to ensure that puppies were not being brought as Christmas presents for others. As well as this at Christmas time we have set ups where people can buy food, toys etc. from the shop that we then give to the Cat Haven and dog rescues.


(9) All of our staff have been there for a long time and have a passion for animals. Many of our staff have pets that have been rescue animals. We truly do care about the wellbeing and safety of our animals at Select Pets. It is very important to us.


(10) We keep our puppies until they sell, no matter how old they get. If there is only one puppy from the little left they will either get put in an enclosure with another litter during the day and night or at night come home with one of our staff members. As the puppies get older and require more exercise this is also the case.


(11) The puppies enclosures are cleaned daily, even during Christmas staff member come in and check on the puppies (if we haven’t taken them home for the christmas break) and let them out so they can have a big run around, clean their enclosures and provide clean food and water. This is done more than once a day during public holidays.


(12) We have a programme where adults with a range of different disabilities bring us shredded paper and in return each week they earned themselves different elements towards a fish tank. It was truly amazing to see how the puppies and cats would put a smile on these individuals faces and hear from their carers that they really looked forward to seeing the animals each week.