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Does your dog get anxious during thunderstoms? Kitty confused because of the move? Many a stressful situation has been helped with Bradfields Pet Calmer.
How does it work?
Chamomile:. Useful when over-stressed. Chamomile helps reduce tension, making relaxation possible.
Helps calm.
Dandelion: Helps release tension, both muscular and emotional. Reduces stress.
Lavender: Has calming and balancing effect. Restores harmony.
White Yarrow: Helps with sensitivity to negative environmental influences.
Valerian: Calms body and spirit, allowing sleep and restoring vital energies when stress or pain has prevented adequate rest. Relieves strain.
Dill: Especially good for pets facing a series of changes, as when traveling or visiting unfamiliar places.
Corn: Combats disorientation