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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Products
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Add to your pet collection today by choosing a perfect little pocket pet from Select Pets. Bring fun, happiness, and total cuteness overload to your home by choosing a small animal for sale in Perth today.


Whether you’re keen to own a colourful, clever budgie or a friendly, docile mouse, Select Pets has a range of birds, mice and crazy crabs for sale. At Select Pets we practice love and kindness to all the pets we offer at our Bicton store, and pride ourselves in matching the right small animal to the right owner who will give it a happy, healthy home each day.


At Select Pets, we only sell happy, healthy small pets in Western Australia – we’re a different breed of pet shop.

Choose the best small pet for you today


We have a large range of small pets to choose from, each one of them come from a local, reputable breeder who has met our high-level of care and humane standards.


At Select Pets you’ll find the perfect companion in one of our breeds of birds for sale in Perth. We regularly stock Budgies, Canaries and Weiros. Many people are freaked out by mice but these docile, sweet creatures are full of character and make excellent companions and pets. Choose from our range of rats and mice for sale in Perth – we stock only females and have a variety of colours to choose from.


Crazy crabs are a great and fun addition to any home. They are a great small pet for the young as they are easy to look after. We do not stock rabbits and guinea pigs for sale in Perth, but we do proudly stock products, food and accessories for these cute small pets in-store.


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Visit us at Select Pets or call us on (08) 9339 3372 – and bring home happiness today.