I bought my beautiful dog Jake from Select Pets 2 years ago.  I have been repeatedly impressed with all facets of this business.  The policy of local pups only, is fantastic as I know the full history of my dog and his parents.  The service and support of the staff has been fantastic from the very start and we have become regular visitors and customers.  Select Pets are the new breed of pets shops, ethical and professional with great, caring staff…….


Just wanted to say how eternally grateful I am to have found my canine soul-mate, Dexter [a delightful skamp of a JRxMaltese] at Select Pets.
Select is easily the best pet store I’ve been to. Since finding Dex here, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for all my pets’ needs.
The staff at Select are always so helpful and genuine in their interests to match each puppy / pet with the right owner. It’s lovely to see so much care and concern even post-purchase – it’s not just about the sale :) I particularly love the ethically-minded way that Select source their pups, not from puppy farms over east [I’m a big Oscar’s Law advocate!] but from local breeders after ensuring the parent dogs are happy and well-adjusted. These things definitely set you guys apart from the big pet store chains! I strongly recommend Select to all of my friends who are looking to add to their families.  Select’s involvement in re-homing kitties from the Cat Haven is another great & inspiring initiative.
Dex & I have been inseparable over this past year, he is adored beyond reason. We have so many fun times together- he loves our Saturday mornings at the dog beach best. I take the little skamp everywhere with me on weekends, wherever I’m invited it’s a given that Dex is too ;) He also attends Wagz Daycare twice a week – another great partnership Select has which I think says a lot about your passion for the wellbeing of our pets! :)
So I just wanted to let you all know what an amazing impact finding a puppy at Select has had on my life [and on Dex’s!] :)
Thanks heaps!


Finally, a wonderful & unique pet store that takes the time to source their animals from local breeders! The loving, caring, & open environment that my puppy was in while at Select Pets no doubt helped shape his confident & independent personality. The staff show genuine devotion & affection towards their animals to make sure they are loved from the time they get there to the moment they go to their forever homes


Honest retailer that cares enough to go the effort of scouting out the breeder


You always know the puppies are sourced from reputable breeders, and will only go to responsible owners!


Very happy to find a pet shop who sources from reputable breeders in Perth. Lovely staff, very knowledgable and helpful


Great Local Pet store with friendly service


If you are after a professional and knowledgeable service where the staff have a real love and compassion for animals this is definitely the place to find your new pet or just get some pet advice. One of the only pet shops in Perth who sell local puppies and support the cat haven. Plus they have a super cute shop bird ;) Well done guys :)


Friendly staff Gave lots of information and advice when we adopted our kitty & made sure we had all the essentials for him :-) thank you. We love him.


A huge thank you to the staff at Select Pets for your wonderful service and for allowing us to be the parents of our beautiful Teddy! Teddy is a wonderful addition to our family, we have loved him from the moment he came home. Thank you also for your puppy knowledge on everything from puppy food to puppy toys. Teddy is settling into his new home and is a cleaver (and cheeky!) little man. Thank you again and kind regards

Emma & Chris

Dedicated to making sure their pets are sent off to the right homes. Always a pleasure to pop in and say hi. Brilliant service.


Just picked up our pup and have to say their staff is exceptional with special mention going to Alison. We went to the pet shop 3 times before deciding to bring one home and each time the staff gave us their undivided attention answering any concerns and ensuring the pup was right for our family.
They show great passion in what they do and the affection shown to the animals must be commended.


Bought our mini dachshund from them, they us through everything you need to know. Got a very happy and healthy little boy


I got my beautiful girl from there and they were wonderful went through everything even tho I knew it all already. The service was amazing and I was very happy very different from other pet shops that just want the puppies gone and don’t have good hygiene. They were clean made you sanitize your hands etc . Very happy lady.


Had a lovely time in this store. Adopted a small furry kitten from cat haven on the day. He has settled in nicely.


We got our amazing fur baby Einstein from here! All the staff were nice and very helpful.


Grooming feedback: They did a great job with my often anxious cavoodle. I love the 10 minute warning for pickup and no cages. We’ll definitely be back! Thank you!


Beautiful caring ladies at the shop. We found our new fur baby to join our family. Thank you for all your caring


In February we found our new furry baby Mala at Select. Allison was amazing. Great service from people who really care who adopts their kittens


Absolutely loved it here!!! Staff are so friendly and welcoming and are willing to help with anything you need! They let you cuddle and interact with the puppies and are very organised and helpful. The dogs look very healthy and well cared for and I would defiantly recommend going here and i think the puppies were extremely well cared for!


Best pet shop in perth!! The staff are wonderful and know what they’re talking about!! Got my beautiful fur baby from here and i’m so happy to know he came from a reputable breeder who loves and cares for their dogs. If you’re going to get a puppy, get a puppy from Select Pets!


Friendly and knowledgeable staff who really care about animals and their care. Part of the Cat Haven adoption program which is why we visited to adopt a kitten.


Just got our new family member from there. Very impressed with how thorough the service was and how they went through everything with you. Our baby Ollie has settled in beautifully. He was obviously very well looked after and has adjusted well and is very loving.


Really friendly staff, very nice range of toys, medicine, foods and grooming tools. Literally everything you need for your pet at a reasonable price!


Staffs are very helpful and friendly. Got our Mini Schnauzer from them. Highly recommended.


A wonderful pet shop that really takes the time to make sure you are briefed on everything you need to know puppy wise! Really appreciated the attention to serial and could tell they really cared about the well being of their pups. Our fur baby has been an absolute angel